Wall Opens

wall openCreating an Open Floor Plan Using Wall Opens

Open floor plans are very popular. Many homeowners are looking for open floor plans to create a better flow in their living spaces. Let’s explore the benefits of doing so, as well as factors to consider.

An open floor plan can:

  • create more space in your home without adding on
  • bring in more natural light to the interior of the home
  • improve sight lines, allowing you to see more of your home from various vantage points, and enjoy the view.

If your home isn’t the open concept you are looking for, you might be able to change that by opening up walls.

Load Bearing or Not?

First, you must find out if the wall you want removed is load-bearing or not. A structural engineer can help with this. If the wall is load-bearing, that doesn’t mean it can’t be removed.

However, removing a load-bearing wall may be a bit more costly. You will have to install a beam, either in the attic space or across the ceiling, to help support the house.

Exposed Beams?

There are many ways to incorporate beams into your decor, and they can help still define a space while keeping it open. Some options include using a more rustic cedar, or utilizing fancy mouldings to give the beams a decorative quality.

Find a Professional

Hiring a contractor to do the work is the best bet. They can help determine what might be in the wall, like electrical wires and plumbing or HVAC vents. They will know how to safely move them to create the open space you are looking for.

Contractors will be also able to patch walls and ceilings, and fix the flooring where the wall once was. If wall removal is not done correctly, by a professional, it can lead to sagging and cracks down the line.

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Do Some Homework

Do your research and collect bids and reviews from a few contractors before jumping into the work.

Before you begin a project like this, there are some things you need to consider. First, what kind of opening are you wanting?

Pass-through windows can create sight lines without removing a whole wall. Widening doorways can also open up a space without as much cost or work.

Think about large appliances like dishwashers and washing machines when planning an open space. Will they disrupt TV viewing or conversation when they are suddenly in the same room?

Another thing to consider is the age and style of your home. If you own an older, more historic home, would a modern open layout look out of place? Practical Renovation Concepts For Older Homes has additional ideas about attractively upgrading older houses.

With any home improvement project, research and planning are your friend. Take the time to get bids and think about how living in your new space will feel.


The cost of removing walls can be anywhere from $300 to $10,000. It all depends on where they are, if they are load bearing, and what has to be moved inside of them. In the end, moving or opening walls can give your home a new feel for less money than a room addition or a complete remodel.

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