Using Vertical Space to Declutter Your Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a sanctuary- an inviting place to energize and rejuvenate your body and mind. But in our fast-paced world, it’s easy to let things get messy as we move swiftly from task to task. If you like having personal care items at your reach during your self-care routine, but want to avoid cluttered counters and tubs, consider optimizing the vertical space available in your bathroom.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a versatile, attractive way to get organized and increase storage space. Dryers, curlers, and hair brushes can be bunched together in a larger basket, while soaps, lotions, and other skin care products sit in another.

A shallow basket can be hung from the wall, or you can find a tiered stand that holds a stack of three baskets, fitting neatly into the corner. With this option, the lowest shelf is a great place to store reading material, children’s bath toys, or extra rolls of toilet tissue.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

If you don’t mind a bit of handywork, installing a set of shallow shelves above the toilet or towel rack is a great option. This is a good spot for extra towels and washcloths, as well as larger bottles of soap and lotion.

If you pick a shelf style that includes a few drawers, they can hold items you may want nearby but not on display, such as medicine and hair accessories. Wall-mounted shelves are a tidy, inexpensive way to add storage without taking up floor space. For assistance with remodeling jobs, even as minor as wall-mounts, our experts are always happy to help.

Hanging Hooks

For small towels and jewelry, take advantage of available wall space to add some hooks. Not only do they come in a variety of sizes and colors, but many come with removable adhesive for renters who don’t want to damage the walls. This is a fun way to keep your bangles untangled and on display, rather than rooting through a messy drawer for your favorite accessories.

Modern Indoor Clotheslines

You may be surprised at how many sleek, attractive variations there are to this old-fashioned concept. Some come in the form of a shallow, multi-tiered towel rack that only sticks out a few inches from you wall.

Multi-tiered racks makes a handy hanging space for guest towels or clean clothing you wish to air-dry. If you’ve got a bit of space between a shelf and a way, you may consider a retractable wire hanging line.

Clear Out the Tub

If you’ve got multiple people sharing a bathroom, the myriad hygiene products can easily clutter your bath or shower space. Nowadays there are many products available that optimize vertical space to free up the tub.

Some shower installments have 3 or 4 shelves affixed to a long rod that can be placed at the corner, while other are made of mesh, to be hung from the shower head. With these space-saving items, there’s no need to stack the bathtub corners with bulky bottles and melting bars of soap.

Let’s Review

  • Hanging Baskets: These make for a great storage space if you’ve got bottles, brushes, and various other personal care products you want at an arm’s reach, but don’t want on the countertop.
  • Wall-Mounted Shelves: A few layers of shelving can be easily installed to add open storage space, even in a smaller bathroom.
  • Hanging Hooks: For hand towels, necklaces, and hair accessories, these easy-to-remove additions are a great way to organize your bathroom and avoid cluttered drawers.
  •  Modern Indoor Clotheslines: Whether you want a shallow multi-tiered towel rack or a retractable wired line, these items can be used for extra towels and air-dry laundry pieces.
  • Clear Out the Tub: Make use of mesh pockets and vertical shower caddies to store hygiene products as well as children’s bath toys.

With a variety of attractive and easy-to-install options, restoring your bathroom to a peaceful, clutter-free environment doesn’t have to mean stuffing everything into cabinets. When you want day-to-day items at an arm’s reach without cluttered surfaces, you can take advantage of vertical space to create accessible storage. For more ideas on how to optimize limited space, check out these clever tips as well.

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  1. Vertical space is great in my opinion, but only if you utilize it appropriately. Thanks for sharing an article that has given me so many ideas! I’m planning to hang some baskets in my bathroom for extra storage, or perhaps add a wall mounted shelf for some plants and other items. I think this will really help me use the vertical space I have to declutter my bathroom.

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