The Right Window Treatments Add Value To Your Home

You may not think that window treatments will add value to one’s home, however, quality blinds add an aesthetic enhancement to windows. People notice quality when they walk into a home and there is no doubt that each detail is looked at.

From the placement of décor to the fit of window treatments, they all make the final overall look be just ok or on point.

Options For Window Treatments

windows wood shuttersWhen choosing your window treatments, you want to look at the needs of each room. For example, adding darkening shades to the bedroom not only helps people get a good night’s sleep, it also will create a comfortable cozy feeling to the bedroom.

One can easily layer curtains and sheers to add more flourish if they desire, however, when you have top quality window treatments it isn’t a necessity.  So, it is a good idea to make a list of your rooms and what the needs are to be sure that you keep things in order.

The areas of the house that have the most traffic will be the ones that you want to make a statement as they are the ones that will be seen the most. Wood shutters are a much better choice than mini blinds. Mini blinds are seen as cheap, whereas wood shutters are a more tasteful choice. They will enhance the room and be seen more as decorative. They also come in a variety of colors and most also add insulating properties to keep the room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The right blinds for your room can also be two-fold by having both sheer and solid options.

Curtains or Blinds?

A lot of people may wonder if it would be best to have curtains or blinds. However, a great option is both. When you layer your windows, you can add a lot of depth to the windows. Blinds or shutters that are neutral in color are best, then add the color with curtains. This way if you can change out the color of the curtains during the different seasons, or if you decide to change up your décor. It also allows for more versatility when deciding how much or how little light you want in the room.

Another great way to add value through window treatments is using motorized blinds. These are perfect for the windows that are hard to reach, skylights or if you have multiple windows. They can cover your windows at a push of a button and make a huge ‘wow’ factor when people see this fantastic home technology.

Overall, windows and how they are presented do make an impact on the overall look of a home. If you go for cheap window treatments, the look will be cheap. So, if you want to make a big impact and add value to your home, it is a great investment to add quality shutters to your home.

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