Small Galley Kitchen Ideas

If you are looking for galley kitchen ideas, then you are in the right place.  Some people think galley kitchens are a thing of the past, but with tiny houses and small high-rise apartments becoming more popular, many homeowners are seeing the practicality of galley kitchens.

A lot has changed in the way we design and use kitchens in the last decade or so.  When you’re working with a small space though, you’ll continue to see galley kitchens utilized because they make so much sense.  Not sure where to start with your own kitchen?  Read this article, “Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas on a Tight Budget,” for some tips from the pros.

The traditional galley kitchen is a hallway with countertops and cupboards on either side.  Let’s take a look at some ideas on how to enhance the loveliness of galley kitchens.  I have covered everything from kitchen layouts, decorating tips, and storage options to make your small galley kitchen look larger than usual.

modern kitchenGo modern

In recent years, many homeowners have been redesigning their own galley kitchens using a modern theme.  The old-school galley kitchen is boring, but stylish features are making these updated kitchens stand out.

Moderns kitchens are famous for sleek cabinetry and blending two finishes.  Many modernized kitchens attract attention because they have minimalistic style, but they look elegant.  This minimalistic style works perfectly in small galley kitchens.

Handless cabinet technology has advanced day by day and it is possible to have both wall and base cabinets without handles.  They allow for more movement throughout the kitchen.  A handleless kitchen is refined, but also practical.

Include seatinggalley kitchen with seating

You might be thinking, seating in a galley kitchen, impossible!  It’s easier than you think to find a way to include seating.  Galley kitchens are usually quite long, so if you use your space smartly, you’ll be able figure something out.

A small table with 2-4 chairs can often fit on one end of a these narrow kitchens.  Condense your kitchenware and use only half the cabinets along one wall.  Build a bench against that wall.  Add a table and put chairs on the opposite side to get a cafe-themed dining area.

Have even less space?  Build a large window on one wall, wide enough to be a window seat.  Next, buy some decorative pillows and you’ve got a cozy, little perch.  Or consider adding a fold-able wall-mounted table.

open shelvesInstall open shelves

Open shelves is a clever way to maximize storage in a galley kitchen, especially if have chic, trendy dishware.  Hang open shelves to store everyday essentials and create fun bar-style vibe.  Check out this article titled, “Shelf that Space,” for more innovative ways to use shelving in your home.

Installing open shelves will save you and your guests time when looking for things in the kitchen.  Hooks, metal racks, and peg boards are a way to take your open storage even further.

Open shelves cost less than regular cabinets.  Many people like having lower cabinets and open shelves above.  This can really make a small space open up.

Accent tileaccent tile floor

Choose to showcase personality and make your kitchen seem bigger with a patterned floor.  Compliment the flashy floor by choosing dark cabinets for the lower level, then switch to a lighter color for the upper cabinets.  This will draw the eye up toward the ceiling and make the space seem bigger.

Not ready for such a loud floor?  Keep your floor neutral and opt for a bright patterned backsplash instead.  The effect will be the same.

You can zigzag tiles to clearly define the zones of your kitchen and adjourning room.  The larger tiles you choose, the less you’ll notice grout lines.  Penny tiles are popular because they work well with modern and traditional styles.

wood cabinets, white countersMix up the colors

Add a splash of color with a vibrant area rug and a decorative vase.  Keep colors vivid and similar to the rest of the cabinetry to get a seamless look.  Have fun displaying glass bottles, storage containers, and pretty teapots.

If you want dark cabinets and countertops, stick with white or light grey walls and floors.  This will make a statement without overwhelming your guests.

Wood is making a comeback in kitchens.  Try grey floors, wood cabinets, and white counters for a contemporary feel.

White, white, white.  White kitchens are all the rage right now.  White reflects light which will lighten up your kitchen and make it feel bigger.

When you think of white, you think crisp and clean.  Those are definitely adjectives you want people using when they describe your kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Galley kitchens have been around forever and the reason is because they are efficient and functional.  They make the most of the space they have and every bit of it is utilized.  Because there are usually open shelves or hanging boards, everything is accessible.

These narrow kitchens are budget-friendly to design.  They always have ample storage.  Often times more than an open kitchen with only one wall of storage.  A smaller space also means they get clean much quicker than a large kitchen.

Keep these ideas in mind when you redesign your galley kitchen and you won’t be disappointed.  Here at Birdseye, we have experience with all kinds of home construction.  We’d be more than happy to help you get started on your kitchen remodel today.



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