Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

small bathroom remodel
Small Bathroom Space in a Scandinavian Design

A small bathroom can be a hassle. This is especially true with a poorly designed space at home.

That won’t be the case with a well-planned bathroom remodel. It can be practical, stylish and space-efficient. It can look bigger with neutral colors that run along the floor and up the walls.

However, remodeling the space can be tricky. Fortunately, there’s an effective way to transform your bathroom into a bigger and more spacious one. You can add a skylight to open the area and make it light.

White furnishings also help bounce light throughout the room. You can incorporate a few fun and unique accessories.

Remember that lighting is imperative for a successful bathroom remodel. Install lighting options next to mirrors. Make sure that the brand of your choice has a correct IP rating for accident-free use.

You don’t have to keep a small bathroom minimalist or plain. A vintage style is good to try. Clever storage will inject a feeling of sophistication into your space.

Other Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas are listed below:

  • Freestanding and Multi-Functional Piece of Furniture

A small bathroom should not limit your imagination. Use freestanding pieces of furniture to move them around with comfort. Such a freestanding seating or storage enables you to move your scheme. Plus, you can take them when it’s time to move out. It’s really convenient.

  • Get the Most Out of Tiles

Do you know that the amount of space you have, and what the eyes perceive, are not identical? Yes, it’s true. As a homeowner, it can be a great advantage.

You can play with the boundaries of perception. Tile your wall and the side of the bath with the same color and style, and it becomes tough to distinguish where each starts, making your room larger. 

If you need help with your bathroom remodel, check out our service page.

  • Incorporate Wall-Hung Units

Another small bathroom remodel idea is to hang stuff on the wall. Floating fittings totally maximize any space. Aside from making the floor more noticeable, cleaning becomes a simple task.

You can also use the area underneath to store toiletries. You can put them in a pretty wicker basket for an aesthetic appeal.

A touch of tonal greys and off-whites makes your bathroom airy and large. Wall-integrated taps, on the other hand, keep the look well-finished and minimal.

  • Furnish to Scale

Large pieces of furniture can make a room feel much smaller than it actually is. As much as possible, purchase items that best fit the scale of your bathroom. Don’t forget to stick to the basics of a storage rack or a vanity unit.

This does not mean you can’t incorporate your personality into the bathroom remodel project. Just paint a vanity unit with the use of a vibrant color. Then, choose patented tiles for the flooring system.

  • Opt for Furniture and Accessories Carefully

Integrate a nostalgic touch to your space by upcycling a narrow table. Wall-mounted taps also offer a neat solution. Plus, opt for a freestanding basin unit and pop some baskets underneath.

Want a big bathroom? There is no need to reconstruct your whole space. Follow the small bathroom remodel ideas for a larger and creative space. You can also reach out to a general contractor for a hassle-free experience.

3 thoughts on “Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

  1. Having a small bathroom, especially one you have to share with multiple people has been so hard. What’s worked best for me is making sure to utilize any cabinet space as effectively as possible and having cabinets in the bathroom has made a world of difference.

  2. I’m planning on starting to remodel my bathroom in around a month, and what you said about buying items that best fit the size of the room is key. I’ve made some models, and the bathroom looks much bigger!

  3. My en-suite bathroom is really small, I’ve been thinking about how to best make use of the space.
    I think I should remove the bathtub and have only a walk-in shower, and also remove the bulky cabinets and replace them with wall-mounted storage as you suggest. This should give me quite a bit more space.
    I love the grey in that Scandinavian bathroom, too.

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