Shelf That Space

If you are looking to manage the vacant space in your home in various different places, then adding shelves is an efficient way to meet your needs. Shelves can be added almost anywhere with some smart planning.

You can insert wooden, iron, or steel shelves to various nooks and corners that would work well as a bit of vertical storage space. You can also opt for DIY shelves if you are on a budget and want to channel your creativity into your home interior.

Shelves come in handy and serve numerous purposes in any room of the home. First things first: measure the space in your home and decide what materials will go best with your decor.

Enhancing the Interior

invisible wall shelves with peach backgroundThere are plenty of appealing shelf designs that you can use in your homes. Shelves often have a minimal pattern and can easily fit in with your home interior.

Some of the more unique shelf designs include fishbone shelves, invisible shelves, or cross structured shelves to impart elements to your interior design. Fishbone shelves depict the morphology of a fish, whereas invisible shelves use hooks and studs to fit in the walls. These shelves host your books and other stuff that can be put in laterally. Cross structured shelves typically have no back and come in an array of geometrical patterns.

Here is a fun DIY video about making a fishbone shelf from old wood!

Utilizing the Space

Every home has space available on the walls. Effectively utilizing this space can help store the scattered stuff. There are multiple things that homeowners are sometimes unsure where to put. These things commonly include indoor plants, compact models, and smaller decorating materials.

Shelves are an excellent place to keep these odds and ends. However, make sure that you do not overstock your shelves. Keep them well-organized to maintain a tidy appearance, and keep the items within the weight limit of your chosen shelf design.

Check out our Interior Home Services page to learn how Birdseye can assist with any of your home projects. Here are some of the places that you can use to install shelves.


white cabinets with slide-out shelvingKitchens are one of the most functional parts of the house. They often already have shelves and cabinets to store appliances and food supplies. However, more can be added to even the smallest spaces, to customize any pantry or open wall area in your kitchen.

Put the spices and dry products on the shelves to save room on the counter and in the cupboards. You can also add additional d├ęcor items such as clocks and antique cooking tools, to create a particular ambience.

Use the shelves that are appropriate according to the theme of your kitchen. For instance, select wooden shelves t0 match the wooden cabinets and cupboards, or go for a sleek modern look with metal shelving and appliances.

Living Rooms

Living rooms are the places where most of us spend the majority of our time. Stuff that you use regularly must be situated in your living room in a way that’s convenient to your daily routines.

Installing shelves in your living room adds extra space for books, DVDs, photos, candles, and whatever else you enjoy according to your decorating style. You can also insert charging slots behind the shelves and use them as a secure place for your electronic devices.

For more ideas on maximizing the space in your home, check out How to Make the Most of Small Closet Space.


Shelves not only manage vacancies in your home but also grant additional points on an interior design scale. Therefore, install shelves in the kitchen, living rooms, dining, and your bedrooms to gain maximum output from them.

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