Replacing Your Bathroom Towel Racks and Towels

towel rackIs it time to update your bathroom with a trendier, more modern looking style? Rather than a full remodel, the best way to spruce up your space is updating the smaller fixtures, such as lighting, knobs, and towel racks.

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Let’s explore the ease and benefits of getting a new set of towel racks for your bathroom.

Find Your Style

The first thing you want to do is determine what look you’re going for. There are a lot of fresh, newer designs that can optimize wall space and give your bathroom a sleeker look.

Tiered racks with a vertical mount can hold several towels of different sizes, allowing you to create a layered effect. This is great for decorative guest towels. There are also many styles that include wired shelf space above them, for additional storage.

A quick google search will show you zig-zags, ladder-style racks, simple hooks, and even free-standing towel bars  that sit on the floor rather than mounting to the wall. Survey the placement of the racks you’ve got, and determine the best accessories to optimize your style and your space.

Do Your Homework

Whether you’re simply replacing the towel racks you’ve got, or going for an entirely new arrangement, it’s critical to take some measurements before you make any purchases. If you’ve got a new set in mind, check the dimensions of the product(s) and use measuring tape to make sure the size is conducive to the available wall space where you plan to mount them.

This holds true for free-standing racks as well. When planning for a standing rack against the wall, make sure you also account for the bulk of the towels themselves when determining how well the fixture will fit within your available bathroom space.

Mount Your Towel Racks

Once you’ve chosen a set of new towel racks that will enhance the space and color scheme of your bathroom, you’re ready to get to work. Check the instructions on the packaging to be sure you’ve got all the tools you need.

Have you got the right kind of screw driver? Do you need to use a leveler for accuracy? If you’ve chosen a different size than your original racks, will there be holes in the wall that you wish to fill in? Getting everything together before you begin will prevent an unfinished product with additional runs to the hardware store.

Add Some Color

Now that you’ve replaced your old towel racks with a stylish new set, how about those towels? Old, dingy towels and wash cloths with loose strings and faded colors would be a disservice to your fresh new racks. We’ve got some ideas about where to find the best plush new bath towels in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials.

Did you know there are vastly more options for bath towels than the class design seen most often in the US? From thin, sleek Turkish towels, to hyper-absorbent microfiber, there’s a fantastic array of options you may not have considered before. If you’re looking for a great set of towels to top off your bathroom project, our friends at Towel Reviewer have a beautiful selection with helpful product reviews.


  • Pick the style of towel rack that will go best with your bathroom’s layout.
  • Measure your space to be sure the design you’ve picked is functional.
  • Gather your materials and mount (or place) your new towel racks.
  • Accessorize with a fresh set of bath towels.

Bathroom design doesn’t have to be a messy, laborious overhaul. Simply decide which components can be easily updated with new components. One of the easiest, most functional ways to approach this project is replacing your towels and towel racks with a stylish, quality upgrade. A new rack and a bright, fluffy set of high-quality towels is the perfect way to finish off your newly updated bathroom.

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