Remodeling Small Homes to Make the Most of Your Space

Traditionally, people have acquired small homes when first starting a family. Homes large enough to provide shelter, comfort, and convenience make a good choice for basic needs.

However, as time passes and needs change, families require larger spaces for eating, bonding, sleeping, and entertaining. If you’re facing this situation, maybe it’s time to do some remodeling so the space you’ve got can more adequately meet your expanding needs. This article explores ways to optimize the space you’ve already got by converting a small house into a more spacious home.

Make Use of the Attic

If you’ve got a high roof, the attic may make a great bedroom for your son or daughter. This can be done quickly by attaching some sturdy lumber at the beam of your house to create a durable floor for the attic. Just make sure to check the load, so you can assure a safe and sturdy floor. Additionally, you may want to inspect the wiring for safe and reliable electricity.

Remove Unnecessary Partitions

If you have a partition between the kitchen and the dining area, this can be easily removed to create more space. It allows free movement between the two areas for food prep and serving, and your family will enjoy the open dynamic.  The increased airflow and easy movement provides a comfortable dining space for everyone. This setup fosters a positive and inclusive vibe for your family’s dining experience.

Transform Part of the Laundry Area Into a Half-Bath

If you’re working with limited space that could use some added comfort, converting a portion of the laundry room into a half-bath may provide just what you need. This area offers access to water and plumbing, making it an easy transition if you’ve got the right tools and just a few extra square feet to work with.

Convert Your Garage

If you’ve got a two-car garage, but only one car that needs to be parked inside, you can repurpose the extra space as another room. With a simple partition and some insulation, you can add a bedroom to your home. Or, if it’s close to the entryway, you could fashion a den for family entertainment.     

Split a Large Bedroom into Two Smaller Rooms

If you’ve got more kids than bedrooms and cannot construct a new room for the house, you may consider converting a large bedroom into two smaller ones. Again, with a well-placed partition and perhaps an added doorway, creating an extra room may be your best option.


  • Attic Space: Add some wiring and insulation to convert your garage into a spacious bedroom. No need for that? Consider converting it into a comfy man cave or lady loft.
  • Partitions: Older homes often have separated kitchen and dining areas. Removing the walls between your kitchen, dining, and living room areas can create an open, airy living space.
  • Laundry Room: With a roomy laundry area, it’s easy to make use of it- and the plumbing- by installing a small half-bathroom.
  • Garage: If you don’t need your entire garage for parking or storage, this is prime real estate to repurpose for an extra den or bedroom.
  • Split a Bedroom: For a growing family, a larger bedroom can be split into two by adding a simply partition with an extra door.

When it comes to home remodeling, we encourage you to consider these suggestions. Be sure you consult available professionals when it comes to wiring and insulation, as you explore creative and cost-effective ways to optimize the space you’re in. Need a general contractor to help bring your project to life? Click here for a free service quote!

2 thoughts on “Remodeling Small Homes to Make the Most of Your Space

  1. These are really great tips. I am actually considering setting up a small office area in my garage. We have a two car garage and only one vehicle. We have one of those outdoor sheds we use to keep a lot of the tools, lawnmower, etc. so we don’t need the space for other things. My daughters want their own rooms now so I would have to give up my office room and move it elsewhere. I am just trying to figure out which approach to this would be best as we have an awkwardly shaped home. I may be in touch soon!

  2. I think I’ve read and watched too many home renovation articles and shows. My husband has a strict “No remodel” rule! But you’re right about unnecessary partitions!

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