Practical Renovation Concepts for Older Homes

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The renovation needs of a home always vary, based on the quality of the house and the homeowner’s access to resources. Depending on the necessary changes, it can be a simple fix-up or a complete overhaul.

If you own an old home in need of minor updates, you can maintain its original style without overspending. The key is to focus on minor damages, such as small leaks, to ensure the home functions adequately. After that, a bit of detail work- like a paint job- will enhance the aesthetics.

Sometimes older homes are neglected for awhile, simply because they’ve been vacant for a number years. For houses like this, a major renovation is often necessary. This may require the time and attention of an expert home renovation company.

If this is the situation you’re facing, the reparations may be costly, and the work will likely fall short of a layperson’s DIY skills. Our professionals are happy to help you return the home to its original glory. Birdseye Construction can help meet your interior design needs.

Roof Repair

When it comes to a major renovation, roofing is the foremost consideration. Roofs are vulnerable due to their exposure to the elements, so it is critical to inspect for damages.

If there are no leaks and it merely looks worn, repainting is the best fix for aesthetics and saleability. A fresh paint job will transform the roof and renew the home’s overall visage.

Kitchen Repair

But what about the kitchen? Are your cabinets damaged? If you plan to repair them, first check the quality of the wood or paneling they’re made with. Be on the lookout for warped or splintered wood. This will let you know whether you’re working with wood that’s reparable, or if you need to go for a full replacement.

If the material is still sturdy, a basic repair job is a safe option. With good material, a new paint job can work wonders. Additionally, new handles will make your cabinets look fresh, and rejuvenate your kitchen’s overall appeal.

Old Partitions

If you’re dealing with damaged partitions, consider opening up some space by shortening them or removing them altogether. This allows for enlarged rooms and entryways, which invites the option of larger furniture and spacious segues from one room to the next. A change in the layout can effectively transform your living space.

For an old house with dented floor panels, an added layer of varnish makes for easy repairs. This is an economical way of creating an instant fix that gives your floor a renewed facade.  Be sure to clean the floor thoroughly beforehand, so the varnish takes a strong hold on the wood.

room additionsConclusion

These are among many effective remodeling ideas to use in older homes. We encourage you to consider the tips provided above before embarking on your home renovation project.

If you need a general contractor to help bring your renovation plans to life, you can click here for a free service quote from Birdseye Constriction.

3 thoughts on “Practical Renovation Concepts for Older Homes

  1. My husband works in constructing and was planning on redoing our whole kitchen since I wanted a different look. He got all excited but we really can’t afford a big project right now (we are expecting baby number 2!) so I told him we can do small changes to it and I will be just as happy. These are really good ideas that won’t cost a lot. Our home was built in 1965 so it is quite old but some things were updated after we moved in. I am going to forward this page to him and see what he can think up.

  2. These are really useful renovation concepts for older homes. I recently bought an older home myself and I wasn’t quite sure where to start in the renovation process. Ultimately, I ended up settling on the kitchen. I’m glad to see the kitchen is mentioned on your list, and I certainly think it was a practical choice! Touching up trim and woodwork has made quite the difference.

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