Pool Friendly Trees

Trees have a lot of benefits to offer. They mitigate the heat island, reduce extreme ground temperatures, remove air pollutants, raise property values, save energy consumption, and attract birds. But why don’t pool owners plant them often?  Most people want to avoid the debris getting in their pools.

Some people consider them a messy addition. Yes, trees drop some dried leaves, berries, seeds, blossoms, and twigs.  But, there are some pool friendly trees to choose from. 

Pool Friendly Trees to Install in Your Landscaping

  • Arizona Rosewood

Commonly called Vauquelinia Californica, Arizona Rosewood is a shrubby evergreen that grows in partial shade or full sun. It grows up to 10 feet that offers protection from the extreme heat. It blooms a cluster of white flowers in spring, too.

  • Cascalote

Known as Caesalpinia Cacalaco, this pool friendly tree enjoys full sun. It is heat tolerant and maintenance-free. It can withstand drought and provide a great appeal. It blossoms from winter to spring. You can enjoy a curb appeal in the backyard within a long span of time.

  • Palm Trees

In tropical and sub-tropical climates, palms are an ideal choice. Their roots are more likely to grow straight down. They are known for a narrow spreading habit. They are best planted in a group, which serve as a perfect privacy screen. Palm trees that are pool-friendly include sabal palm, sago palm, cane palm, queen’s palm, and windmill palm.

  • Citrus Trees

Another amazing landscape addition is a citrus tree. Not only can it add a pop of color, but it also boosts personality to the pool. One of the advantages of growing a poolside citrus tree is portability. You can move it around to protect it from the sun.

Most of its varieties are suitable for growing in small areas of containers. Excellent choices are lemon, tangerine, lime, grapefruit, kumquat, and orange. Take advantage of dwarf citrus for hassle-free cleaning.

  • False Cypress

Called as Chamaecyparis, False Cypress comes in several varieties, ranging from 2 to 25 feet. Some have a colorful and gold-tipped foliage such as Crippsi and Nana Lutea. Dwarf ones are an excellent foundation plant for the poolside landscape. They add texture and density, maximizing a small space. They are ideal for a well-drained, slightly acidic and fertile soil. With a partial shade or full sun, they can thrive and achieve your dream appeal.

  • Ironwood

Another pool friendly tree is Ironwood. Known as a hornbeam, this option is a shade-loving tree with sparse foliage and slim trunk. Its leaves are finely toothed and pale green with a unique texture. Its buds are quite pointed, brown and small.

  • Palo Verde

As with other varieties, Palo Verde is drought tolerant, making it excellent for arid regions. It has willow-tree like branches and great spring blossoms. It adds curb value, too.

Tree Trimming

One thing to remember about maintenance on trees by a pool is keeping them trimmed and away from hanging over the pool.  You may need a chainsaw to keep your trees trimmed so make sure to look at this best homeowner chainsaw guide for choosing one that’s right for you.

2 thoughts on “Pool Friendly Trees

  1. My wife HATES the trees we have by our pool but loves the privacy they offer as well as the shade. I am trying to figure out a way to get a few of them down and replace them with better trees while not compromising on space or spending a fortune. The Arizona Rosewoods look perfect for the space and from what I am reading, they shouldn’t cost too much in comparison to the others mentioned. Thanks for the list!

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