Peach Tile Goes with What Colors

What Colors Go Well with Peach Tile?

Peach is a versatile color when it comes to decorations. There are dozens of ways in which you can use it to create warmth in your house.

From the fruit inspiration, the color ranges from pinkish yellow, to pinkish orange, to a lightly tinted orange.

Peach tile combines exquisitely with many colors, but certainly not all of them.

Here are some of the colors that combine harmoniously with peach tiles.

peach tile with royal blue colors
Royal Blue with Peach Tile

Royal Blue

Peach and royal blue create a vibrant, dynamic color scheme.

Due to the natural contrast, lively peach shades glow more intensely when paired with blues and greens. Since peach is a close cousin to orange, blue makes a natural complement.

Royal blue and peach fit perfectly in the bathroom, especially for a breezy coastal theme.

peach tile with cream color
Cream Color with Peach Tile

Peaches and Cream

Peach pairs beautifully with whites and cream tints.

In a room with peach tiles, off-white or creamy walls make a bright, joyful match. For a softer, feminine touch, consider highlighting this blend with gold and beige accents.

Once again, the bathroom is a great place to consider this scheme for a bright, refreshing tone.

peach tile red brown color
Mahogany with Peach Tile

Dark-Reddish Browns

For a warmer feel, pair your peach tile with a rich shade of reddish-brown, like the cozy hues of mahogany or cherry wood.

The only caveat to this concoction is that you want to be sure you’re working with a warmer peach that matches the depth of wood tones.  As we’ve mentioned in other articles, this is easily done if you bring a photo to the home improvement store for a winning color combo.

Terra Cotta with Peach Tile

Light-Reddish Browns

For the paler brown-reds like auburn and terracotta, you want to make sure you’re working with a bright peach that isn’t too orange.

Pink tones create a nice contrast, while the yellower shades of peach will play nicely on warm earth-tones.

What you want to watch out for is pairing colors whose tints are so close that they clash (this means they’ve been lightened too similarly, as if they’re different versions of the same color).

peach light orange colors
Light Orange with Peach Tile

Light Orange

The right shade of orange can really bring peach tiles to life.

A red-orange works well with a pink-toned peach, just as a yellow-orange will make a brighter yellowish peach pop with sunny vibrance.

As we mentioned before, you want to avoid similar tints, so be sure you’ve got a pic or tile sample when choosing paints and other highlights.


  • Peach with Royal Blue: These colors are natural compliments on the color wheel, creating a dynamic contrast.
  • Peaches and Cream: This pair gives any room a lively, feminine accent.
  • Peach with Dark Reddish-Browns: For a sophisticated color combo, add some deep wood tones.
  • Peach and Lighter Reddish-Browns: A brighter peach paired with earth tones can be warm and calming.
  • Peach with Light Orange: Orange and pink hues work well together to create a cheerful ambience.

Peach tile is a unique choice to work with, and it won’t get along with every shade on the spectrum. But with the right knowledge about which tones to hone in on, any room with peach tile can be accented beautifully.

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4 thoughts on “Peach Tile Goes with What Colors

  1. I have a bathroom with peach tile in the shower. We are doing some updating in the bathroom but the peach tiles are not going away. I will need to paint my walls. What about light gray or light blue paint with the peach tiles? I was hoping for something light and airy…any additional suggestions?

  2. I wish I had seen this article sooner when doing a recent remodel. I was looking for a guide on how to best pair peach tile, and this is it! I really like the royal blue and cream combinations, and I think both would add a nice touch to any space. Peach is so versatile. I think a lot of it just comes down to personal preference.

  3. Good Morning, we want to update our kitchen. We have peach color ceramic tile with brown grout. We need color suggestions to compliment the tile. We want to add backsplash and a new countertop. I can send a pic or 2 if you want to see what I am talking about. I appreciate your suggestions.

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