Paint Colors That Go with Green Tile

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What paint colors should you use with green tile?

Green is a popular color for home decor, as it gives the room a fresh feeling of balance and harmony.

What’s great about green is its vast array of tints and shades, including mint, olive, lime, and several others.

This article explores some tasteful color matches for areas adorned with green tile. You might also check out this other article if you need the best painter in Moncton.

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Pure White

White pairs beautifully with any shade of green, but it goes especially well with the lighter hues.

A green-white blend tends to provoke a sense of calmness, wholeness, and completion. This pairing also offers the room a bright, crisp feel that works well in rooms we want to think of as fresh and clean, such as the kitchen and bathroom.  These are also the most common rooms in which tile is used, making this a winning combination.


For a delightful warm/cool contrast, purple is a great option as long as you match it well. Grape, lavender, violet, and fuchsia are safe bets for pairing green tile with purple. Brighter hues like grape give a splash of vibrance and energy, while softer shades like lavender have a calming effect.

Pastels and Pale Colors

If you want to maintain a unified pallet, yellow and blue are always nice complements to green tile. A light, breezy yellow gives the room a burst of sunshine, while baby blue provides a cooler airy ambience. Meanwhile, grey tones and creamy off-white hues can add a touch of sophistication.

Dark Contrasts

Wooden accessories with a chocolate or mahogany tint can give the room a warm, woodsy feel when paired with green tile. This color scheme provokes a warm, grounded feeling. For a bold contrast in a larger room, black frames or black leather furniture against sleek green tile will give the room a sharp statement.

Earth Tones

Green is known as an earth tone, and pairing it with other earth tones like maroon and marigold make for a warm, natural combo. If you go for this look, be sure your tiles are brighter or deeper shade of green, rather than a paler hue like mint or seafoam.


Green tile can easily be matched with shades of red without creating a “Christmas” vibe, as long as one of the two is used dominantly in the decorating scheme. Accessorizing the room with warm yellows or deep blues is a great way to pull the room together.

Analogous Colors

Colors that are close to each other on a color wheel will generally go well together, so matching complementing shades of green tile is always an option. This combo will give the room a super fresh feel, and it can be accented with bursts of yellow, orange, and blue to add some dimension.


  • Pure white with green is a natural, calming, and refreshing pair.
  • Purple with green provides a vibrant, energetic contrast.
  • Pastels and pales with green offer a sunshiney look or a burst of breeze, depending on whether you go with blues or yellows.
  • Dark contrasts with green give the room an earthy, grounded ambience.
  • Earth tones with deeper greens are always a warm and natural option.
  • Opposites are always striking, and a “Christmas” vibe can be avoided with blue and yellow accents.
  • Analogous colors do well with green hues, especially if they’re complimented with yellows and oranges.

If you’ve got a room with green tile, you may have more decorating options than you think. Don’t be afraid to get bold with playful color pairings. We suggest you take a pic before heading to the hardware store, to be sure you select a swatch of colors that enhance the shade of green you’re working with.

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