Outdoor Living Space Ideas

outdoor living spaceSo, you want to increase the value of your home, as well as enhance the enjoyment factor of the yard or garden? There are several ways to achieve both goals at once.

Here are a few great ideas on how to do so:

Outdoor Decking

Building a deck extension to a property can give it great characteristics and add to outdoor aesthetics. Decks also add value to the building, as it provides extra space for people to use. Additionally, decks provide an “outdoor room” to enjoy theĀ  yard and garden.

A deck with a protective roof offers protection against rain and sun damage. It also provides a canopy that allows the area to be used even during rain or hot sunny days.

Good maintenance as well as upkeep is needed for an exterior deck. The upkeep is worth it, but definitely something to consider beforehand.


Having a deck is a great attraction, but being able to use it at any hour of the day is even better. This means that attractive outdoor lighting will further enhance the space.

There are many forms of outdoor lighting that are stylish and weatherproof. Read more in Outdoor Decor: Elegant Deck Lighting Options. Many of these options are well suited not only for your deck or patio, but also for lighting walkways and accenting garden areas in your yard.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Having a firepit or chimnea as a garden feature is a great addition to any property. They add warmth and light on those cool autumn evenings when you want to enjoy the outdoors without getting too chilly.

However choosing the right pit can be an issue. Due to the construction, a gas firepit may have to have more work put in. The process includes running gas lines and other necessary safety measures that go along with working with gas.

More conventional methods, like a regular wood firepit, may be easier to construct and maintain. Once in place, addition of logs to burn is the only main concern for the pit.


Building an addition like a pool can be a huge boost for the value of a property. Construction can be heavy on the financial side but in the long run, it can increase the sales price of a house by a large margin.

With the addition of lighting for night time use, this can be a great addition to any garden that is looking boring or has ample space to add an attraction.

You will have the regular maintenance that comes with the pool, but this is an easy process as long as it is kept on top of.


These are a couple of key examples for how you can increase the value of a property by enhancing both the aesthetic and utility of your outdoor living space.

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Smaller things like paving stones, rock gardens, fountains, and flowerbeds may also be considered for a minor upgrade. Using stones along your walkways and around the edges of your garden can easily improve your home’s curb appeal.

Lastly, be sure you are keeping up with your lawn and landscaping work. A well groomed yard and garden are the foundation of cultivating an attractive outdoor living space for your home.

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