Modernizing an Outdated Bathroom with Trendy Decor

Having an up-to-date bathroom with attractive decor makes it an alluring place to refresh yourself. A stylish, modern bathroom also increases the value of your home, while outdated designs can look old and feel lifeless. But you can update and modernize your old bathroom with a variety of trendy decorations.

Before you begin, consider the amount of space available. Gauging your workable space will help you determine what accessories will fit well and work with your bathroom’s layout. Check out our many options for interior home design.

Here are a few ideas on how to give your washroom a modern workover.


A fresh coat of paint can completely revitalize the look of your loo. We suggest you consider the color trends you’ve already got established in the rest of your house, and go with a palette that compliments your overall decor.

If painting the ceiling, be sure you pick a color that’s a few shades lighter. You want to avoid deeper hues that absorb too much light. White ceilings can appear dated, while a complementary color up top will unify the room and create a broader sense of space.

Wall Décor

Once you dress-up the walls with fresh paint, you may not want to put up the same old décor you used before. Large mirrors create light and depth, and there are several styles available to accent the walls.

A sleek, modern frame offers a look of clean simplicity, while a vintage wood-carved border can add a textured flare. Pick a central piece, and then fashion the rest of your wall decor to further enhance the statement you wish to make.


Today, there are many trendy lighting fixtures that can help update the look of your bathroom. Modern lighting, such as lantern-style vanity sconces, are an excellent way of making it look more stylish. Consider the overall shape of the room and walls to come up with creative spots to add a bright new fixture.

Clear the Clutter

Clearing out clutter is an incredible and gratifying way to modernize your bathroom. If you browse images of newer bathroom designs, you’ll see that there are very few items showcased on the countertops.

But what to do with all those bath products you’ve grown used to having at arm’s reach? Shallow shelving, both freestanding and wall-hung, can add surface area for tidy storage. This allows you to free up your counter space for a cleaner, more spacious feel.


  • Fresh paint can brighten your bathroom if you’re in the mood for a truly hands-on upgrade.
  • New art, or even some new framing, will renew the bathroom with minimal handywork.
  • Lighting can renew any room with the right placement and some trendy fixtures.
  • Nothing makes a room feel fresh and clean like clear surfaces and decluttered storage space.

In conclusion, modernizing the bathroom can be an easy project that requires less effort than you may have thought. Fresh paint, trendy decor, and stylish space savers can bring a worn out washroom back to life. Add a well-placed light fixture, and you’ll feel like you’ve got a bright new bathroom to enjoy.

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