Maximizing Counter Space in Your Kitchen

In many homes, the counter space is small and cramped, which can tempt many to take on the hefty expense of remodeling. You need not remodel the entire kitchen to increase counter space. There are several ways to make the most of your kitchen by optimizing the space you’ve got. Here are a few ideas on how to maximize your work area.

Place a Cutting Board over the Sink

The sink inhabits a significant part of the kitchen counter in every home, so it drastically reduces your working space. This area can serve multiple purposes when you place a cutting board over the sink basin.

Ensure the cutting board is wider than the sink, then use it as a food prep surface rather than leaving it open and unusable. Working on the cutting board has the added benefit of close proximity to the faucet, so rinsing veggies is quick and simple.

Movable Counter Space

If your kitchen counter is small, consider adding more space with a movable island. A small cart with wheels allows you to place it where you need it most, then tuck it back into a corner once you’re done. Moreover, they typically include shelving below the top surface, giving you extra storage for your favoring cooking gadgets.

Use the Refrigerator Top as a High Shelf

Large appliances, such as blenders and stand mixers, can be stored on top of the refrigerator to free up counter space. Any appliance or large item that isn’t used on a daily basis will fit well in this safe, out-of-the way spot. Items you may only use occasionally, such as a bread maker or pasta maker, can even be kept in their original box.

A helpful hint: some older refrigerators generate a bit of heat at the top. Before storing any bread or pastries up there, be sure you check for this first, as the heat can promote mold and mildew. And of course, be sure you practice safety and use a step stool when removing heavy items from atop the fridge.

Utilize Wall Space

Use your kitchen walls to create vertical space and free up your counters for meal prep activities. You can mount some hanging baskets for farm-fresh eggs, fruit, and shelf-stable vegetables such as onions and potatoes.

Shallow wall-mounted shelving is easy to install, allowing convenient placement of spices and condiments. Off-the-counter storage ensures that your counter space is free of clutter.

Eliminate the Butcher’s Block

The butcher’s block is a staple in many kitchens. This is the large wood wedge that stores your knives. While some find them handy and even attractive, the truth is they’re a bulky breeding ground for unwanted bacteria.

Replace you butcher”s block with a magnetic knife bar that can be mounted to the wall or fridge, and you’ve got a safe and sanitary storage space for your cutlery. That makes one less item on that valuable countertop real estate.

natural wood backsplash kitchenConclusion

Limited counter space shouldn’t require a costly and time-consuming kitchen remodel. Avoid unnecessary mess and expenses by expanding your space with these clever tools and creative storage concepts.

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