Kitchen Tile Trends: 2021

Kitchen Tile Trends: 2021

Now that the new year has begun, many of us are finding ourselves feeling overdue for a fresh start! Experts agree that your physical surroundings can have a direct impact on your mood and energy level. So if you’re looking to give this year a new vibe, basic kitchen upgrades are a great place to start.

It’s time to introduce some new tile designs and styles for 2021. Here are a few examples of how to add a new spark to your kitchen just by choosing the right tiles.

Depending on the style of kitchen, your choice in tile may vary. Let’s take a look at a few popular styles, and explore how they can affect the look of your kitchen.

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bold color tileBold Coloring

Choosing a vibrant, well colored tile can complement the existing aesthetic of your kitchen, while adding a burst of energy. How bold you choose to go may depend on the size and space available to work in.

Multi-colored retro design tiles easily add color and personality to a bland motif. Just make sure you don’t go overboard and make smaller spaces look too busy!

wood tileWood Grain

If you are working with a lot of wood in the kitchen, wood grain or wood-look tile can provide a natural, uniform aesthetic. Warm, earthy tones are great for any surface, from the backsplash to the floor. This is an especially attractive way to go if you already have a wooden dining table or wooden china cabinet in the kitchen.

Cork, reclaimed wood, and bamboo are examples of eco-friendly wood for flooring and tiling. There are also many styles and sizes of wood-look tiles, which are typically ceramic.

Marble Textured Tiles

textured marble tile

A simple but popular choice in tile is marble texture. It’s elegant, sophisticated, and aesthetically versatile.

Giving your kitchen a modern look, marble textured tiles can add light and dimension. It adds a smart look to the most boring kitchens.
Some of the most common colors for marble tiles include peach, cream and light beige.

stone tileStone Tiles

If you are looking for a more rustic natural style of tile, then stone tiles are perfect for 2021. They give the kitchen a modern yet natural look.
Also giving a eco atmosphere due to being natural stone that is environment friendly, giving the kitchen a breath of fresh air.

Working well with marble counter tops or stone based floors, stone tiles can complement multiple styles and color schemes.  If locally sourced, stone tiling is also an eco-friendly way to reduce waste.

Locally sourced materials can be found at various rock quarries in the D/FW area.

metro tileMetro Tiles

A simpler yet elegant style of tile is metro tiles, commonly seen in train stations or the metro – thus the name. These give the kitchen a clean, slick utilitarian look.
Offering a vast choice of colors and patterns, metro tiles can be designed around the existing motif in your kitchen if you don’t want a complete overhaul. Their understated look can easily blend with a variety of other patterns and textures.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to redo your counters, backsplash, or flooring, there are myriad sharp and attractive options for kitchen tiling. Take a good long look at your current aesthetic and pinpoint the direction you want to go in: change of color scheme? simple accent work? adding light or texture to the room?

Whatever your goal is, there are plenty of choices available to bring your vision to life with modern kitchen tiling.

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