Pet Door Installation

Installing a pet door can make life much easier for both the animal and the owner. Did you know they can be placed in walls and even garage doors? If you’ve got a new pet who needs access to the outdoors, you may have more options than you think.


Installing a weather-hardy pet door in the wall is a great option. Maybe your garage opens to a gated yard, and you’d like to keep the pet door inconspicuous. Installing a flap that leads into the garage- and then a second one on the metal garage door- would be a subtle solution.

While this can be a DIY project, it requires a lot of precise measurements. Locating studs, using a leveller, and operating power tools are all a part of doing the job right. If this sounds like a bit more than you bargained for, we’re happy to help.  

Our professionals at Birdseye Construction can assess the layout of your home and help you determine the best placement for a pet door. Maybe a simple install to the back door is all you need. Or perhaps you’ve got a gorgeous, heavy door you’d like to leave intact? That’s when it’s time to get creative.

A classic pet flap installed into the back door is a great option for simple wooden doors. But if you’d rather not take that route, there are weatherproof wall installations as well. The fixture itself is thicker, and the edges fasten tightly to your inner and out walls, securing the integrity of your insulation.

What about if you’ve got a garage door that leads into a fenced back yard, and you’d like to keep the pet door a bit subtle? We can install a basic flap onto the door that leads from your home into the garage. Then, a secondary pet door can be added to the framing of the larger metal garage door. This way, your walls and main entryways are left fully intact.

No matter what you choose, Birdseye Construction is here to assist with pet door installation and many other interior home projects. Give us a call or visit us online to get a free service consultation.