New Bathroom Caulk

bathtub caulkingReplacing cracked or damaged caulk in your bathroom is critical to preventing water damage in the walls and floors. Caulk works as a sealant between fixtures and surfaces, and while it tends to last several years, you don’t want to put off repair work if you notice it’s beginning to break down. This is a job that requires time and precision, and our expert craftsman at Birdseye Construction will handle the entire project, from removal to refinishing.

Where does one typically find caulking in their bathroom?

  • Around sinks and faucets
  • Tile-to-ceiling edges
  • Joints of a tub
  • Shower and bath faucets
  • Tub-to-floor edges
  • Edges of the vanity

How long does caulk typically last? This depends on:

  • Quality of the caulk
  • Application process
  • Condition of the surface when the caulk was placed
  • Pre-existing mold or mildew
  • Humidity
  • Cleaning practices

Caulk generally lasts for 5-10 years. While it is more pliable than grout, it is still succeptible to eventual damage. Cracks and below-the-surface mold or mildew are sure signs that it’s time to call a professional for new caulking.

Ignoring small crevices that seem minor can allow for unseen water leakage. This subtle damage can slowly build up between walls and beneath the base of your tub or shower. Costly repairs are easily avoided if you take preventative measures by calling a home repair expert to reseal these compromised areas.   

Birdseye Construction has a team of professionals who will bring the right tools and experience to remove old damaged caulking and carefully replace it. Call us or request a quote online to find out more about our affordable caulking services, among many other home repairs.