Home Interior

Take your interior home from drab to fab with a little sprucing up form Birdseye Construction.

Painting the right colors can really make a difference and is very affordable. Some different arrangement can help, but when that just doesn’t do it, it’s time to remodel to better fit your family and your lifestyle.

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Update Your Home Interior

For instance, dinner parties can be more fun when there is more usable space in the kitchen, nicer decor, and of course solid slab counter tops. Crown molding can dress up any room and give a more formal appeal. Tile or Hardwood Flooring will make high traffic areas a little easier on the eyes as well as easier to keep clean. Cramped utility rooms and garages could use more shelving or cabinets to conceal cleaning supplies and other items.

Bathrooms are often outdated and sometimes unsightly. A face lift can help but a complete remodel will make it a beautiful place to relax and also can be made to wow your guests.

Home Interior Services

Refinished cabinets

Custom Cabinets

Birdseye Cabinet Doors are handmade custom cabinets for your kitchen or bathrooms.  Made in Fort Worth, TX, you can pick them up here locally or we can ship them to you direct.