How to Spruce Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen remodel cabinets and counter topThe kitchen is a well-loved room in every home; therefore, it ought to be a comfortable and attractive space to spend time in. Not only is your kitchen a busy work space for meal prep activities, it often serves as a gathering place for family and house guests to congregate and converse.

In the interest of keeping this well-loved area beautiful, it’s important to consider that your kitchen cabinets are the primary “face” of your kitchen. Here are some ideas on how to spruce them up without a major remodel.

Cover Doors in Fabric

In some cases, modifying the cabinets is problematic if you do not own your home. One easy solution is covering them in fabric that can be removed later on if necessary.

Go for a heavy-duty cloth that can bear the steam from cooking, such as outdoor upholstery fabric. Measure your cabinetry beforehand, to be sure you purchase enough to wrap around each door.

Once you’ve got your supplies, including a staple gun, lay the fabric face-down on a flat surface. Remove the cabinets from their hinges, remove their handles, and lay the doors atop the fabric one at a time. Cut and tightly wrap each door with the cloth, just as you would a gift box, and fasten it to the back with staples.

Use a puncturing tool or exacto-knife to cut into the front where the knobs will be reattached. When all this is completed, you’re ready to put the doors back on their hinges.

Replace or Remove the Cabinet Doors

green country kitchenIf your cabinet doors are simply too old to salvage, you may want to replace them altogether. Select the design and style you want, keeping in mind the overall color scheme of your kitchen.

Today’s market offers a variety of options, so be sure to look out for bargains that work with your budget. For the ultimate money-saving face lift, completely removing your cabinet doors is a bold option. This creates an airy, spacious feel, but you’ll want to make sure the contents of your cabinets are neatly organized.


Another great way to brighten up the kitchen cabinets is by adding various accessories. The right equipment can update your kitchen while adding utility, optimizing space, and streamlining your food prep routines.

Cup hooks, cabinet lighting, plate racks, and magnetic knife bars are all attractive and useful additions. Check out this article for more ideas on how to implement these groovy gadgets.

Get Out the Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is a fun and useful way to optimize your cabinet doors. The main cabinets can showcase grocery lists, meal schedules, appointment reminders, and basic to-do items for the week. Upper cabinets can be decorated with fun doodles and favorite recipes. Chalkboard paint and multi-color chalk packs can be found at your local hardware store or hobby shop.

Faux Trim

Cabinets with flat fronts and no detailing can look drab, but adding faux trim is a quick way to spice up your kitchen’s facade. Faux trim is available in many styles and finishes, from thin mirrored strips to detailed crossheads of crown molding. Adding some texture and dimension to your cabinets’ edges will create a look of architectural sophistication.


  • Fabric: Covering your cabinet doors is an uncommon yet trendy option for upgrading your kitchen’s style. With some sturdy cloth and the righ tools, this makes for an easy facelift.
  • Replacing, Removing Cabinet Doors: For a modern look, you may want to either upgrade your cabinet doors or remove them altogether. Look for more posts from Birdseye Construction about how to keep open spaces attractively organized.
  • Accessorize: Whether it’s new door handles or useful knicknacks, there are many small accessories you can use to keep your kitchen looking sharp.
  • Chalkboard Paint: This product lets you repurpose your cabinet doors as a creative, erasable space for lists, reminders, and artwork.
  • Faux Trim: Easy to apply, a strip of molding or mirrored trim can add style and sophistication to your kitchen without the bother of painting or replacing your cabinetry.

In summary, there are many ways to add some style and shine to your kitchen cabinets. Whether you go big with a full cabinet door replacement, or simply touch up your kitchen’s style with well-placed accessories, sprucing things up can be an easy and enjoyable home project.

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  1. I have always been wary to mess with my cabinets. It seems like such a big project to take on! Accessorizing them is an easy way to spruce up your kitchen cabinets though, and I recently did just that by adding some new hardware and under cabinet light fixtures. Those two changes alone have added a lot to the space and really brought life back to the cabinets.

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