Great Ways to Remodel Small Bathrooms on a Budget

Your bathroom ought to look fresh and inviting so that you can enjoy your bathing routine. A small space that feels cramped can feel suffocating, so what to do if you’re working with a tiny bathroom? There are many ways to maximize the small area and make it feel more spacious. Here are some tips on how to make this happen in your home:

• Avoid Partitions

If your bathroom space is limited, you should avoid unnecessary partitions. They chop and separate the space, making it look and feel more crowded. If your bath or shower has a door, remove it and replace it with a curtain to contain the water during showers. This creates a softer barrier that opens up the space.

• Well-Placed Shelves

Shelving helps a great deal in organizing a small bathroom, especially if they’re
placed effectively. Can you see the countertop sides and corners? If so, that’s the
perfect spot for small shelves. Make use of them as extra spaces for bathroom
supplies like towels, toothpaste, soap, etc. A well-positioned shelf can open the counter
space and minimize clutter.

• Using the Right Sized Counter

The size of the vanity counter in your bathroom should be proportionate to the
overall area. A small bathroom should only have a small counter, so choose
one that fits your bathroom’s design. It needn’t look bulky or fancy; the
priority is that it functions well in the space you’ve got to work with.

• The Magic of Mirrors

Mirrors create an illusion of more space, so using a bigger one can make your
bathroom feel larger. If you try this trick, take note that safety is a must. Place the
mirror in a location that minimizes the risk of it getting bumped or knocked over.

• Large-Scale Designs and Patterns

Though it seems counter-intuitive, using large-scale designs and patterns help your bathroom look larger and wider. Like mirrors, a good design can create
the illusion of broader, deeper space in a small area.

Bathroom remodeling is a great do-it-yourself project if you enjoy the time and
work, but consulting a professional is always recommended. They can utilize their
experience to keep your life easy and convenient. Talk to an expert and learn what
they can offer in transforming your bathroom. Their knowledge and experience can help you find smart and attractive ways to re-create your space.

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