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Are you dreaming of adding more light, space, and value to your home? Get a sunroom addition today. Not only do sunrooms provide a delightful indoor/outdoor atmosphere, but they also offer an impressive return on investment. On average, a professionally built sunroom recoups 49-72% of its cost in added home resale value according to national estimates. Let’s explore the many benefits and options for creating your sun-filled oasis.

The Benefits of a Sunroom

Nothing quite beats the feeling of enjoying your morning coffee while basking in the warmth and natural light of a sunroom. These hybrid spaces seamlessly merge your home’s interior and outdoor areas for a room that feels bright, open and connected to nature.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, sunrooms provide extra flexible square footage that can function as a cozy sitting area, casual dining space, yoga/exercise studio, greenhouse, or serene home office. Having this additional living area can make your whole home feel larger and more livable.

Types of Sunrooms

There are several popular styles of sunroom additions to choose from based on your needs and budget:

  • All-season insulated sunrooms with HVAC integration for year-round temperature control
  • Three-season sunrooms using single-pane glass or screens for milder weather use
  • Screened porch enclosures with open-air airflow and protection from bugs
  • Solarium additions with sloped glass roofs that maximize natural lighting
get a sunroom addition
Glass-enclosed sunroom.

Heating and Cooling a Sunroom

To expand your sunroom’s functionality across changing seasons, incorporating dedicated heating and cooling is highly recommended. All-season sunrooms can tap into existing HVAC units as an extension of your home.

For three-season models, stand-alone mini-split heat pumps provide efficient zoned climate control. An experienced contractor can calculate your sunroom’s heating and cooling loads to ensure optimal year-round comfort levels.

Sunroom Placement and Space Needs

Location is key when positioning a new sunroom. Take advantage of the best sun exposure by building the addition on the east, west or south sides of your home. For maximum enjoyment, situate the sunroom off a main living area or near your outdoor living spaces.

Design plans should factor in adequate pathways and room for furniture arrangements as well. Many opt for minimum dimensions of 16×16 feet or larger to avoid a cramped feel.

Bennett (2023) a southern exposure means additional cooling, which could be costly. An eastern exposure will ease cooling needs by providing sun in the morning and shade the rest of the day, while a western orientation could expose you to harsh afternoon sun that will need to be shaded. A northern exposure will provide lower levels of light and partial shade most of the day. In the North, this can cause the room to be too cool and damp, but it can work fine in the South, where it may eliminate the need for window treatments or additional cooling. 

get a sunroom addition
Wooden wall sun room interior.

Project Timeline

Once the planning and permitting process is complete, the average sunroom installation takes 4-8 weeks for an experienced contractor to construct.

Larger projects with intricate custom designs may take several additional weeks. The build time is usually streamlined since sunrooms often go up on pre-existing concrete slabs or decks.

Cost Factors

Sunroom vs. Room Addition For most homes, a high-quality sunroom tends to cost less than fully enclosing the same square footage as an interior room addition.

While pricing depends on features and size, general sunroom costs can range from $20,000 up to $70,000 or more. In contrast, a standard room addition averages closer to $100-$300 per square foot.

Don’t forget to find out about any necessary permits. Some contractors will take care of this task for you. Dale (2023) says Just make sure to ask if the cost of the permits is included in the estimate provided by the contractor or if you will need to pay this cost separately. A permit for this type of work will generally cost about $400 to $1,500.

Wrapping Up

There’s no question that sunrooms are a valuable home improvement that delivers triple rewards: enhanced living space, elevated home value, and maximizing your life’s enjoyment in a light-filled setting. If you’re ready to make the investment in extending your home’s indoor/outdoor living, our team is here to bring your sunroom vision to life.


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