Freestanding or Built-in Bathtub: Which One Suits You the Best

small bathroom remodelSplendid bathroom design is an essential component of every modern home. Nothing speaks luxurious living as much as a truly magnificent bathroom.

The past few decades have witnessed an increase in designer quality bathroom fixtures that speak to the refined individual tastes of people as well as provide the best bathing experience that money can buy. When it comes to bathtubs, the availability of choices is unprecedented. Consumers can install no-frills, purely functional built-in bathtubs, or go for freestanding bathtubs that reflect their refined taste and needs. They both come with their own sets of benefits and limitations. Let’s check out what each has to offer.

Built-in Bathtubs

Built-in bathtubs are built by the contractor or the architect who made the bathroom. Indeed, built-in bathtubs are designed to be functional rather than aesthetically pleasing. They occupy the least space in bathrooms, melt perfectly into the overall architecture of the bathroom, and provide lots of room for storage units to be built around them. When bathroom space is limited, they are the right option.

These designs come with some serious limitations. They are designed to be highly functional, which means that aesthetics take the back seat. Thus, the users get a one-size-fits-all deal, which is neither unique nor does it reflect their individual tastes. Your bathroom will just look like any other bathroom fitted with the mass-produced bath tub. There is absolutely no inspiration or imagination at work here.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are the stuff of dreams. They complement the bathroom interiors with their own artistic design. They add the much loved panache to the bathroom that makes the bathing experience a truly luxurious affair. There is virtually no limit to the number of options available in terms of freestanding bathtub designs. From the minimalist to the vintage to the absolutely resplendent designs, there is a perfect freestanding tub for every consumer out there.

Freestanding bathtubs are the preferred choice of upscale interior decorators, architects, and home designers. They love the variety and also the way these bathtubs speak to their artistic sensibilities. Luxurious freestanding bathtubs are not add-ons to the bathroom. They adorn them. They enhance them. They give the bathrooms a modern, sophisticated, and elegant look that will be the envy of your guests. They create a unique symphony of bathing experience that is soothing to your mind, body, and the senses.

Final Words

For consumers looking for a simple bathtub that does what’s promised, and takes up minimum space, a built-in bathtub is the suitable option. On the other hand, for consumers to whom their home is an extension of their personality, freestanding bathtubs are the only choice.

One thought on “Freestanding or Built-in Bathtub: Which One Suits You the Best

  1. Having had both styles in my bathrooms over the years, I can say hands down that the freestanding ones are better for people who have the time for them. They are beautiful but you have to consider how much more you have to clean and you have to keep them looking nice, there is no hiding them! After I had my second child, my husband and I decided to put in a built in shower and tub unit and replace the free-standing shower with a towel closet. It doesn’t look as great but functions much better!!

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