Window and Windowsill Repair

windows wood shuttersDid you know you can save $25-$450 per year in energy costs by weatherproofing your home?

Airtight windows and windowsills are a big part of having an energy-efficient home that isn’t drafty. With older houses, even the caulking and wood framing can cause minor air leakage as they begin to wear with age.

Birdseye Construction can help with these repairs, and we’ll even do a full replacement if the entire fixture is worn out.

Basic Weatherizing

If all you need is some simple reinforcement for an otherwise solid window frame, we’re happy to come scrape the old caulking and replace it with a fresh coat that’s sure to seal the draft.

Maybe you’ve got some single-pane windows that seem a bit warm in the summer and cool in the winter. Birdseye Construction can provide a free in-home weatherizing consultation to help you determine whether they should be replaced by double-paned glass or just need new weather strips.

Minor Repairs

If you’ve noticed your windowsills have developed small cracks and water damage, we can easily address this issue with some epoxy and a fresh coat of paint and sealant. But if wood is beginning to break down, it may be necessary to fully replace the full windowsill even if the framing remains healthy. We can address by making a plumb cut to the framing, then using a strong adhesive to fit a new sill with a plank of sturdy wood.

Full Window Replacement

If your window frames produce a noticeable draft, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Our experts will remove the old caulking and trim, replace the framing member with fresh wood, and complete the installation with a brand new windowsill.

For further weatherproofing, we’ll be sure to cut a kerf (small inlet on the underside of the sill) to make sure moisture gathers toward the edges rather than soaking into the wood. This precaution, in addition to a coat of sealant, prevents wood rot and increases the longevity of your window fixture as a whole.

Consults and Estimates

If you feel like it’s time to address and repair old window frames and sills, let us help you make the most efficient and cost-effective decision. At Birdseye Construction, we want to make sure your home is both beautiful and functional.