birdseye constructionShutters are a great aesthetic addition for your home’s exterior, and they’re an easy way to minimize sun and warmth in the summer months. Whether you’ve got old ones you want to replace, or you’d like to install a brand new set of window shutters, Birdseye Construction is happy to help. We offer an array of attractive options, as well as free consultations, to help you decide what will compliment your home.

Choosing Your Material

Shutters are made with wood, metal, and plastic. Most window frames are wooden, so this choice provides a unified curb appeal. However, plastic shutters can be made to look like wood, and can be more weatherproof depending on the treatment. Metal offers a sleeker modern look, and may be more durable against heavy wind gusts if you choose shutters that aren’t fixed to the outer wall. Ask one of our professionals for a full list of options.

Choosing Your Style

windows wood shuttersMost window shutters sit on rotating hinges and include thick slats that point downward to minimize sunlight. If you’re going for a purely aesthetic touch, you can choose a pair that’s fixes to your outer wall to create an extended frame effect. But if you want to enjoy the shade of classic hinged shutters (also known as hurricane shutters), we’ve got many options we’re happy to install for you.

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