Custom Wood Cabinet Door Refacing

Why is Custom Wood Cabinet Door Refacing Better than Replacement?

Exposed cabinet frames? Dull appeal? Then, a custom wood cabinet door refacing is the best option. Drawer fronts and doors are replaced to complement the new veneer.  Sturdier hinges pull, molding and knobs complete the perfect transformation.

Of course, many homeowners are more likely to purchase a new cabinet instead of custom wood door refacing. What they don’t know is that the repair and update are the better solutions. Well, knowing the pros and cons is a good start.


  • Cost is lower than cabinet replacement

Buying a new piece of furniture is worth a hundred dollars. Let’s accept the fact that not all can afford the luxury of a classic and stylish item. Custom wood refacing is a wise and cost-effective solution.

Whether you don’t have enough budget or want to save, refacing treatment got your back. In fact, its cost is about half as a new furniture. Let a professional craftsman inspect your stuff for a better decision at the end of the day.

  • Takes less time

Of course, you want to invest in a personalized and unique cabinet for your home. Sometimes, a company does not have the design of your choice. This means they will start from designing, construction to completion. Well, you need to wait for a month or two before a successful project.

Custom wood cabinet door refacing, on the other hand, is a different case. A specialist can finish the job ahead of time. Within a week, you can expect a brand new and durable furniture in the living room. The fast completion also allows you to avoid unnecessary costs in the long run.

  • It’s less stressful than tearing out cabinets

Tearing out a cabinet can be a big hassle. Not only does it require the right tools, but it also takes enough time to finish. With a custom wood cabinet door refacing, the burden won’t be a dilemma anymore. Count on and trust an expert for a positive outcome.

  • Use kitchen while refacing

While the project is ongoing, you can do the chores without any disruption. Custom wood cabinet door refacing is less hassle. You will be glad about the comfort and convenience throughout the service. But a professional specialist always matters.


There are no such things as a perfect cabinet solution. Custom wood door refacing also has a downside. Keep reading to find more information.

  • It won’t fix a terrible kitchen design. Buying a new one can be a better option. You can also ask help from an expert for a problem-free journey.
  • Spending more on exotic hardware and veneer is tempting. With its cheap costs, it’s no wonder why homeowners spend more on such stuff. It is always imperative to choose solutions that come with a competitive pricing.

People think of replacement when the cabinet frames are already visible. Custom wood door refacing is a better solution. Instead of making it a D.I.Y project, let a specialist handle the job for you.  Birdseye Cabinet Doors can make your dreams come true at a low and affordable cost.

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  1. I was reading articles on buying new wood cabinets, when I came across your article. And, tbh, I realized that by just refacing them I could save a lot of money and it would probably look better. Thanks!

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