Creative Tips for Remodeling Any Bathroom Without Breaking the Bank

small bathroom remodelYour bathroom keeps you fresh, so it’s essential to maintain it and keep it in good condition. Ideally, one’s bathroom is both attractive and functional, which can be optimized with some basic remodeling and modifications. If the space you’re working with is less than satisfactory,  you just need a few smart and creative tips on how to spruce things up.

Here are a some clever ways to complete a bathroom remodel on a budget:

Recycling of Wood, Scraps, Bottles, and Other Items

If you have old surplus material from previous projects, like wood, tile scraps, bottles, etc, you can use them to improve your bathroom’s aesthetics. For instance, the scrap tiles can be repurposed to create a decorative floor or a new countertop near the sink.

Bottles can be placed ornamentally on the countertops, or used as a flower vase. Spare wooden boards can be used to construct new towel shelves. There’s a lot you can do by recycling older materials; all you need is some creativity and a vision for your final product.

Do More With Less by Limiting Your Materials

Bathroom remodeling often gets too expensive due to the cost of materials like new tiles. If you want to save, limit your materials by using them wisely. Instead of tiling the entire bathroom, start with the floor and tile only the bottom half of the walls. This is a safe and attractive option, as the upper walls are not typically exposed to water.

Do Some Painting

Aside from limiting the tiles, you can also consider painting the bathroom. If you have extra tiles or money for new ones, you can tile halfway up as mentioned above, and then paint the upper half of the walls.

If you’re facing serious budget constraints, painting the entire wall(s) may be best. With this option, make sure to choose a paint that’s waterproof and prevents seepage. This curbs the accumulation of moisture-related damage from shower steam and occasional splash-over from bathing.

The Magic of Grout

Sometimes, even when your tiles are still in top notch condition, they no longer look attractive due to darkened or discolored grout. If you face this issue, don’t worry- it’s an easy fix. You can remove the top layer of grout and apply a fresh layer. In doing so, you will instantly renew the look of your bathroom.

Decorate With Nature’s Gifts

Your bathroom can be easily transformed with few natural ornaments from the back yard, such as plants and pebbles. Water plants like bamboo can be placed tastefully into vases or glass bottles.  Set them on a a shelf or countertop and give the room a fresh, earthy appeal.

These are just some of many cool ideas for bathroom remodeling, but there are many more that you can utilize with a bit of creativity and resourcefulness.

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2 thoughts on “Creative Tips for Remodeling Any Bathroom Without Breaking the Bank

  1. Loving these tips! I am helping my sister redecorate and remodel her master bathroom on a $1000 budget. She wants to update some color and what not in there and maybe swing a few new pieces as well. I told her I would get some ideas written down and some suggestions since she loves what I did to mine. Glad I found this post, it actually gave me a really fantastic idea!

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