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poolIt is an excellent and glamorous idea to own a swimming pool in your backyard. You can have leisure time in your pool, lounge around the deck for tanning, and host adults as well as kids parties. You can even use the pool for different fitness regimens like swimming, water aerobics, water sports, etc.

It is essential if you own a swimming pool to maintain it regularly. If you sit back and ignore its maintenance needs, then you are inviting some problems that are directly related to the health of the pool, users as well as the overall condition of your swimming pool. 

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Swimming Pool Maintenance Ideas:

Skimming and Scrubbing:

Skimming and scrubbing of the swimming pool’s interior should be done on a regular basis. It cleans the debris and algae from the surface of the pool, and ensuring that the pool water remains sparkling clean. It should be done either by using a brush or a pair of old socks.

Use of Filters:

The purpose of filters is to remove impurities. Water filters are used to remove contaminants from our drinking water, just as the kidneys in our bodies also act as filters to remove toxic waste from our collection. Similarly, pool filters are responsible for cleaning and removing different kinds of impurities from the pool.

The contaminants could be in the form of dirt, dead leaves, toys, jewelry, swimming gears, etc. It is recommended to clean the filter basket once a week for better results.

Maintain Water Levels:

It is essential and advisable to maintain the water level in your swimming pool.

The water level may change in open pools after a heavy rainfall, or perhaps due to some other reason. The water level should be towards the halfway point of the skimmer.

If the water level is below the skimmer, then the pool has to be filled with water to bring it back to an appropriate level. If the water level is above the skimmer, then the extra amount of water has to be drained out using pumps.

Chemical Levels in Your Pool:

The chemical levels in your pool play an essential factor when it comes to pool maintenance. This is because the unbalanced chemical levels make the water look dirty, and allows bacteria to breed in the water. Imbalances also causes skin and eye irritation. Apart from this, the alkalinity level of the pool should be maintained between 7.5 to 7.8.

When every chemical required for your pool is balanced correctly, the water will be sparkling clean with no odor or scent. You can even adjust the level of chemicals in the pool, if they gets disturbed, by taking professional guidance from Kennesaw pool management companies.

Shock Treatment For The Pool:

Don’t ever hesitate or get reluctant to give shock treatment to the pool. It cleans away the impurities and murky water after heavy use by patrons. This helps in avoiding the breeding ground for bacteria to grow.

In shock treatment, the level of chlorine is raised drastically for a short period, and this eventually results in the killing of bacteria and microbes in the pool. It should always be done professionally for better results. Kennesaw pool management companies could be of real help if you need fantastic results.

Tennis Ball as Absorbents:

Usually, when we talk about a tennis ball, it is either a game of tennis or children playing cricket or baseball with it. But tennis balls actually have another important job on their shoulders. When users and patrons come out of the pool, they leave behind several forms of residue from lotions, oils, shampoo, etc, as well as the sebum and natural oil that our bodies secrete. 

The fibers on the tennis ball absorb all these sticky and oily residues, thereby making the pool water cleaner.

Wash And Clean Pool Deck:

The area around the pool attracts users who want to relax and sunbathe, and should therefore be kept clean. Power washing the pool deck increases the aesthetic value of the whole area. It cleans the stains, as well as rust or other sticky dirt, and makes the floor sparkling clean.

Final Thoughts

 Apart from these essential tips, there are more tips available for pool care,  such as when to seek out professional maintenance help from professional experts, to help you maintain your pool’s condition. The pool management in Kennesaw has experts who can guide you in keeping your pool healthy, and retain its overall quality and longevity. Schedule a yearly service appointment to help keep your pool healthy.

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