Choosing a Great Platform Bed Frame for Couples

We like to talk about how the bedroom should be a place of rest and solace. But how much multitasking are we really doing in there? How much real estate have your electronics taken up in your resting space?

Is it time to reclaim your bedroom for its true intention of providing comfort and relaxation? Maybe you’re ready for a major overhaul of your bedroom, or perhaps just a minor shift to make it a more calming environment.

Either way, the most logical place to begin is the bed itself! After all, it’s the focal point of the room, and perhaps the most used piece of furniture in your home. Aside from the myriad mattress styles available, let’s take a look at some great options for bed frames.

Platform bed frames are a popular choice these days because they do not require the added expense of a box spring. The horizontal slats provide plenty of support for any quality mattress.  They’re available in a fantastic variety of sizes, weights, and styles.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a new platform bed frame:

Headboard or No?

For the minimalist, a simple mattress on a frame with a basic bedspread is ideal. Additionally, they’re good for small rooms. Even thin headboards will add at least 2 inches of length to the overall space taken up by your bed.

On the other hand, those who like to sit up and read or watch TV in the evening may enjoy a cushioned headboard. They’re also great if you like to fluff up your bed with large decorative pillows. Buttoned faux leather is a popular style these days.

Sturdiness of the Frame

Did you know that bed frames actually have weight limits? For couples who enjoy a heavier mattress, or who may be heavier themselves, this is an important feature to research. Additionally, if you have a hard floor, check to see if the frame has padded feet to avoid scratching.

Another consideration some couples may overlook is that many frames are available with built-in padding. This reduces both noise and movement (of the frame itself) for those who enjoy an active bedroom life.

Overall Size

The best bed frames for couples are typically queen or king sized. If you’ve got kids piling in for a bedtime story, or a furry friend at the foot of the bed, then plenty of room is even more critical!

Some platform beds come with padded railing to prevent minor injury from bumping your knees or shins against them. This is a great feature, but for a large bed in a smaller room, you want to consider those few extra inches (just like in choosing a headboard). Make sure you measure and double-check the specs before ordering!

Storage and Other Features

A few styles are available with drawers at the base. This can be wonderfully convenient for apartment dwellers with limited closet space.

Additionally, some platform beds come with built-in alarm clocks, USB ports, and other tech accessories would not have imagined just a decade or two ago!

Final Thoughts

  • Determine whether it’s practical for you and your partner to choose a frame with a headboard. They can either improve or detract from your bedroom’s size and aesthetics
  • Make sure you pick a sturdy frame that’s weight-appropriate and works with the mattress you plan to use.
  • Before ordering, be sure the overall “footprint” of the bed frame is going to work with the rest of your bedroom furnishings
  • If you want to truly modernize your bedroom, be on the lookout for new accessories you may not have previously been aware of.

Above all else, you want your new platform bed to offer maximum comfort and longevity. Do your research to find the brands that not only offer the best options, but the best quality as well.

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