Best Winter Home Improvement Projects

Winter is a good time to tackle indoor projects around the house. Weather may put a stop to many activities involving your home’s exterior, but there are a few things you can and should do when the temperatures turn colder.

Energy Efficiency

Winter is a good time to check for drafts and air leaks. Seal up cracks in walls, around windows and doors, and vents.

Consider replacing older windows that may be less efficient than newer ones. Replace cracked and missing weather stripping. This can help cut down on energy costs and keep your house warm and cozy.

Adding extra insulation in attics, walls, and foundations is another way to cut back on energy costs by keeping warm air from escaping. You can have a professional inspect and recommend areas that need more or new insulation.

Our Winter Home Maintenance Indoor Checklist will help you ensure that you’ve got your bases covered this season when it comes to optimizing your home’s energy.

furnace services HVACMaintain Heating Equipment and Fireplaces

Another good winter project is to make sure your heating system is serviced and ready for colder temperatures.

Change filters every three months or every month if you have allergies, pets, or smoke in the home. Have a HVAC professional inspect and clean your system at the start of the season.

Clean and inspect fireplaces before the season’s first use. Have any cracks repaired in the chimney, and have it swept to prevent fires and keep your home safe.

It is also a good idea to check batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Need help cold-proofing your home this winter? Visit our Weatherizing service page to learn how Birdseye Construction can assist you with this project.

Update Lighting

Darker, shorter days are a good time to evaluate your lighting. Update whole fixtures to change the look of a room, or change out older lightbulbs to more energy-efficient options.

New light fixtures can add value and instantly update your home.


Sure, painting projects can be done year-round. But lower humidity in winter makes it an ideal time because it cuts down on drying time. Indoor paint jobs such as walls, entryways, and floorboards are perfect for winter since they require little to no time outside in the cold.

You can also consider updating cabinets and shelving with a fresh new coat of paint. Giving your home- or just a portion of it- a new look is a great way to renew your aesthetic and keep busy during the shorter winter days.

To make the deal even sweeter, paint often goes on sale in the winter months as well.

new white cabinets with open slide-outsRemodel a Room

While spending more time indoors, you may start to notice things around the house that don’t work well.

Update faucets and hardware on cabinets for a quick update- or tear down a wall if you are feeling more adventurous! Just keep in mind that larger, more labor-intensive jobs are more likely to include some portion of your home’s exterior, even if just only a small part of the overall project.

If you’ve got a good bit of extra home repair funding, consider replacing old appliances with newer models. They often go on sale from September to November, and again in January. Consult a professional for bigger jobs.

Birdseye is happy to help with Custom Cabinet Doors and Refacing.


Changing your flooring is another home improvement that adds value and isn’t dependent on the weather.

Professional installers can get this big job done in only a few days. New flooring makes a big impact on the look and value of your home, and can also improve the overall air quality by getting rid of old carpet that’s steeped with allergens.


Add storage or other organizational tools to get the most use out of your home. You may even find it useful and visually enhancing to change out vanities or cabinets.

Add shelving units to laundry rooms, storage sheds, or garages to maximize storage and organization.

Winter is a good time to go through and get rid of things that you aren’t using anymore. Use the extra time indoors to organize tools and supplies to be ready for spring projects.

Just because the weather turns, that doesn’t mean your to-do list needs to get any shorter. Look into these projects and utilize the season to improve your home’s looks and functionality.

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