Bathroom Tile Trends: 2021

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a home. Creating a space that is beautiful and functional for years to come is as important in this room as any other. 2021 will see some familiar trends, as well as a few new ones, in bathroom tile designs.

Let’s take a look at a few popular trends that can bring your bathroom up to pace when it comes to modern styling:

patterned tilePatterned Tiles

One trend that has been on the rise is patterned or graphic tiles. From hand-painted concrete tiles to patterned ceramics, these tiles offer bold patterns and colors as accents to the space. Most often used in floor tiles or accent inserts to showers or on walls, these tiles help show personality and originality in a design.

Patterned tiles are also serving as an alternative to wallpaper, creating a bold motif behind mirrors or framing doors and windows.

matte tileMatte Tiles

Matte tile is gaining in popularity for its easy maintenance. It is less likely to show water spots and staining, making it ideal for a high traffic, or large bathroom. It is also a less slippery option for floors.

When using matte tile, take into account the light in a space. Matte tile won’t reflect light the way a higher gloss tile will. Thus, with regard to small spaces, you want to use wall dressings that don’t detract from the perceived space and lighting.

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high gloss tileHigh Gloss Tiles

High gloss tiles are still popular as well, but are better for rooms with less traffic. They can make a dramatic impact in a powder room or guest bath, and can help reflect more light in a smaller space.

Neutral Shades

neutral tile colors

Neutrals aren’t going anywhere, but they are moving towards softer colors. White and gray will continue to be on trend, with white still being a great way to brighten a dark or small space.

But there is a shift toward creams and beiges where white hues may have been favored in the past. Warmer shades are being utilized more, as they create a cozy space while remaining basically neutral.

Textures and Shapes

textured tileAdding texture is also a great way to create some variety in a neutral space. A skip-trowel design, for instance, can add the appearance of texture and depth without making the space feel smaller.

Textured tiles are a creative way to add some drama to a bathroom. 3D tiles create an interesting, modern look on walls.

Subway tile is a classic, timeless look. But you may want to consider using more modern interpretations. There are actually many more tile shapes available than you may realize.

Square shapes are a twist on the classic look. Larger sized tiles and brighter colors help modernize a space when using subway tile. Contrasting grout colors can help give it a bolder look as well.

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Hexagonal tiles are another classic made modern. Coming in all sizes and colors, they can be used on any surface in a bathroom. Large tiles create a modern look for floors and walls, while smaller tiles create a more traditional feel.

Wood-Look Tiles

wood-look tileWood-based and wood-look tiles are a great way to bring a more natural look to a space. Actual wood can warm up any space, but is not water resistant. Porcelain and ceramic wood-look tile are a great way to add the warmth of wood without the maintenance.

Wood-look tile comes in a variety of colors and textures, and can be arranged in fun patterns like herringbone to create a unique space.

For a more traditional effect, marble tiles in softer colors and large patterns are also on trend. Marble can be an expensive material, but with ceramic marble-like alternatives, this look can be achieved on a more modest budget.

metal tilesMetal Tiles

Metal tiles are also starting to gain popularity. They add visual interest and reflectivity to a space. It is a modern way to add an accent to a tiled room.

Overall, modern looks seem to be a popular trend. Larger tile sizes and visually interesting looks are taking over.

There are many design choices to choose from to create a space that is on trend and suits a variety of tastes.

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